Tonti Laguna Mobile
Creates useful mobile apps for millions of users
About us
Tonti Laguna Mobile is a new product development company in Netpeak Group.
The company was founded in 2019 and specializes in the development and promotion of in-house built mobile applications.
Some numbers
Built both on iOS and Android platforms in a range of categories: Utilites, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, and others.
By the middle of 2020, we've reached 500 000 installs per month.
We have assembled a great team of specialists who have a lot in common
22 apps
5 million installs
30 employees
Our apps
Our apps
Our apps
Benefits of working with us
Choose between working in our modern coworking space in the heart of Odesa or Kyiv and working remotely from any place in the world. We also provide flexible hours: start working when you like from 8 am till 12 pm.
Office or remote work
Our work approach combines the flexibility of a startup — fast decision making, product development culture, transparency of data, as well as the stable foundation — established processes, measurable goals, and opportunities for career growth.
We are not an outsourcing team, we work on our own development projects in a flexible fast-paced environment making decisions without bureaucratic procedures. The entire team at Tonti Laguna Mobile is involved in the process of creating a new product and its development at all stages, so you will not edit one application for years or dig into someone else's code.
Product company
We are proud that CEO and Product Managers of Tonti Laguna Mobile are true professionals with years of experience in mobile app development and growth. They precisely identify and point to mistakes and more importantly help to solve them. We communicate as equals, make jokes and spend time together :)
Team Leaders
Anyone in our company can propose an idea for a new product and start developing it. No matter whether you are a marketing specialist, designer or CTO, if you have an awesome idea — get ready to be a part of the product development process and watch how the app is getting to the top :) Working at Tonti Laguna Mobile means building products one by one from idea to release.
Create your own startup
Working at Tonti Laguna Mobile provides employees with a vacation, sick leave, fair higher than average in Ukraine compensation, and access to all the necessary equipment.
Team Building
We asked our team members what they like the most in their job and found out these main aspects:
Join us!
We have many ideas for new products, but not enough time to turn them all into reality. That's why we are looking for pros in the following fields — let us know using the form below if we sound like a good fit for you
Middle/Senior Product Manager
We create our mobile and web apps, which implies that you will have a wide range of influence and responsibility for product development in this position.
We need someone who can manage products based on analytics and data, control the execution of tasks according to the deadline, work independently and pay attention to details.

What you need:
  1. Work experience with products that have 30-day retention >8%.
  2. Experience in conducting in-depth interviews.
  3. Experience in building push notification chains.
  4. An understanding of the principles of viral marketing.
  5. Experience in Amplitude or similar analytics systems.
  6. Experience in running and validating A / B test results

What you'll be working on:
  1. Boosting customer retention rate for current products.
  2. Participation in the creation of new products.
  3. Generation and validation of new product ideas.
  4. Management of the resources required to implement the idea.
  5. Assessment of the impact of product functionality on the overall financial performance of the company.

Strong Junior Manual QA Engineer
The team's productivity is constantly growing, and we are approaching the monthly release rate of 2 new applications. To maintain the pace of the development process and ensure exceptional quality of products, we are looking for a new specialist for our QA team

What you need:
  1. Experience in testing mobile apps for six months.
  2. Experience in writing test documentation (test cases, checklists, and bug reports).
  3. Experience in API testing (Postman, Insomnia, and Swagger)

What you'll be working on:
  1. Testing mobile applications (iOS / Android).
  2. Testing UX / UI with mockups from Figma.
  3. Writing and updating test documentation.
  4. API testing.

Middle/Senior iOS Developer (Swift)
We are looking for an experienced iOS developer to create applications for millions of users. Developer's position for us is not just about "writing code", although we do it well, and you can always ask the team for advice. But you will also be able to make your own decisions regarding the architecture and the stack of new products.

What you need:
1. 2+ years of iOS development experience.
2. A minimum 1 year of development experience with Swift.
3. Experience with HTTP, JSON, XML, and REST APIs.
4. Experience with processing and storing data using SQLite and CoreData.
5. Experience with multithreading using GCD and NSOperation.

Would be a plus:
1. Have iOS app in the App Store.
2. Experience with subscriptions and in-app purchases.
3. Account on GitHub or GitLab with code examples.
4. Knowledge of Rx and functional paradigm.

What you'll be working on:

1. Develop new mobile applications for the mass market (from 10,000 installations per month).
2. Recommend new frameworks and/or technologies, ways for process automation.
3. Further support and development of applications after release.
Recruitment Assistant (sourcing)
We are looking for an assistant in the recruiting department to help the recruiter find Middle / Senior / Lead-level specialists. We are more than willing to teach them the working dynamics of those positions. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention, persevere, and desire to learn; there will be much new information.
The following job positions you will be working with: iOS, Android developer, Backend developer(PHP, Python, Go, Java), Frontend developer(React), Software Architect, UX / UI Designer, QA Engineer, Product Manager, and User Acquisition Manager.

What you need:
  1. Stylistic literacy, understanding of copywriting basics, and the ability to apply the amassed knowledge in practice.
  2. Ability to work with Google Docs.
  3. Ability to work in a multitasking environment.
  4. Ability to express one's thoughts competently and clearly, both in written and oral form.

Would be a plus:
  1. Completed certified profile courses or have a work experience as a sourcer of not less than six months.
  2. Demonstrate above Intermediate fluency in the English language.

What you'll be working on:
  1. Active searching for candidates at specialized sites.
  2. Written communication with candidates.
  3. Interaction with recruiters for job offers.
  4. Primary screening whenever needed and do evaluation accordingly.

Our team
We grow really fast and always looking for passionate specialists to be a part of our team.
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